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The Retirement Income Store franchise offers a “defensive”, income-oriented approach to helping your clients build and manage wealth. Become an owner of A Retirement Income Store® franchise, and you’ll be part of a trusted and innovative brand that provides your clients with access to a complete range of income-focused investment solutions.

Our client-focused solutions are powered by our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Sound Income Strategies ($1.35B+ AUM)—with an emphasis on preserving principal and generating renewable streams of retirement income.

Why Choose to Work With The Retirement Income Store?

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As needed, The Retirement Income Store provides ongoing training in many areas critical to the success of your business, including hiring, unit operations and maintenance, customer service techniques, purchasing, pricing guidelines, administrative procedures, and financial & legal oversight.

As a franchisee, you will be given parameters of what to look for in a site. Based on these parameters, The Retirement Income Store will match the independent branch to potential sites.

The Retirement Income Store’s dedicated service team will continue to research methods and techniques for franchise operation that enhance unit-level profitability.

Your Franchise Ownership

with The Retirement Income Store

In addition to proven marketing and sales processes that can help grow your practice, all
franchisees of The Retirement Income Store receive our featured:

Turnkey branding that can help attract clients to your franchise

Active-management investment strategies through our RIA, Sound Income Strategies, LLC ($1B+ AUM)

Dedicated 1-1 practice management to boost the operational efficiency of your franchise

Operational, accounting, legal, and staffing support

Lead generation curated by our inbound call center that engages with hundreds of investors weekly who are actively seeking your services as their designated Income Specialist

Our Financial
Offerings +

Wealth & Investment Management

Financial Services

Financial Planning

Fixed Income & Trading Specialists

Trust, Estate, and Charity

Financial Literacy

Company History

Scranton Financial Group
Advisors' Academy
Sound Income Strategies, LLC
The Income Generation Show
The Retirement Income Store

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